Nanoe™ – 24hrs Quality Air Purifies with Cooling ON/OFF

Nanoe™ is nano-sized electrostatic atomised water particles that are rich in OH radicals. In layman term, Nanoe™ = electric + nano-technology. It's a function introduced in the  Panasonic Deluxe CS-XPUWKH.

The new Panasonic Air Conditioner with nanoe™ Technology features an independent air purification function that can address various types of pollutants in the air as well as on surfaces especially fabrics.

The water-based nanoe™ X particles can effectively reduce strong odours and inhibit harmful pollutants like bacteria and viruses, mould, allergens, pollen and hazardous substances. The nanoe™ particles can even moisturise skin and hair.

Nanoe-G with negative ions can effectively remove dust particles as small as PM2.5. Thus, ensuring your loved ones enjoy better indoor air quality at all times.

According to the latest lab experiment, the NanoeX function is able to inhibit coronavirus too.

Features of Nanoe™ – What exactly you are getting from Nanoe™ ?

Water-based particles for lasting effectiveness

nanoe™ has long-lasting effectiveness as it is enveloped in water.

Huge quantity of OH radicals throughout the room

nanoe™ X device generates 4.8 trillion OH radicals per second that spread out extensively to every corner of your home.

Tiny, nano-sized particles penetrate into fabrics easily

Much smaller than a steam particle, nanoe™ X particles sized 5-20nm can deeply penetrate into fabrics to inhibit pollutants and deodorise.

How nanoe™ X works? 

The latest nanoe™ X device uses a "multi-leader discharge system that discharges through 4 needle-shaped electrodes for better performance.

How nanoe™X remove odour?

1) nanoe™X reaches odour in fabric

2) OH radicals break down odour-causing substances

3) Dedorises smells in fabric.

How nanoe™X remove pollutants?

1) nanoe™X reaches pollutants in fabrics

2) OH radicals take hydrogen away from pollutants.

3) OH radicals transform hydrogen to inhibit the activity of pollutants


Why nanoe™ Technology?

1) Purifies your air all day

nanoe™ Technology is able to function independently to continue purifying and deodorising your living space.

2) Asthma and allergy friendly

nanoe™ X is approved by Sensitive Choice that helps consumers worldwide live better with asthma and allergies.

3) Natural H2O particles

nanoe™ X is generated from moisture in the air that contains highly reactive components known as hydroxyl (OH) radicals.

4) Longer life span of nanoe™X particles

6-fold* longer lifespan enables OH radicals to reach a greater area.
*The lifespan of general air ions (negative ions) ranges from the tens of seconds to 100 seconds.

5) Effective on fabrics and surfaces

nanoe™X particles deodorise and inhibit pollutants on surfaces and even penetrate deeply into fabrics.

6) Maintenance-free

nanoe™X generator device requires no maintenance as nanoe™X  is generated from water in the air.

7) Inside Cleaning

nanoe™X inhibits bacteria and virus at the filter, heat exchange fin and air outlet during the inside cleaning process.

8) Safe and non-chemical particles

Safety of nanoe™X has been tested and proven by institutes and laboratories.

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