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4 reaons to purchase Midea Air Conditioners

Midea is a well-known and respected name in the aircon industry, having produced a wide range of air conditioner units for many decades now. Apart from air conditioning, it also specializes in washing machines, water purifiers, lighting and kitchen refrigerators. To put it simply, it’s a global brand worth considering whenever you’re on the hunt for your next home appliance. Dual filtration technology for ultimate safety The implementation cold Catalyst filtration system to thoroughly eliminate most of the harmful substances and decomposes a variety of harmful gases, providing clean and healthy air to you. It comes with a two-step filtration protocol. During step one, the high-density pre-filter can effectively prevent large particles such as pet hair, dust, and other airborne particles. Furthermore, this Air purification system is also provided with a high-efficiency air conditioner ionizer that produces millions of negative ions that neutralize all the harmful elements present in your home. Negatively charged ions attract the dust particles, bacteria, mold spores and viruses, neutralize them and freshness of the air in the room.     Competitive Price Point Compared to other air conditioner contemporaries such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and many more, Midea offers a more affordable and competitive price tag. So if you’re on the hunt for a quality air conditioner product with several budget concerns in mind, the brand is always a good option to consider. The price ranging from RM800 to over RM1000, one of the cheapest you could get in Malaysia.   Outdoor Unit – Reliable And Durable Equipped with the anti-corrosive gold plating  fin hydrophilic coil, it greatly suitable to withstand Malaysia humid weather. On the other hand, the golden fin coil also protects the unit from inside as it helps bacteria from breeding and spreading.   Better & Longer General Warranty Midea Air Conditioner has one if the longest warranty compared to Daikin and Panasonic ( kindly refer to your air conditioner distributer, as for Wall-mounted Air-conditioner a. 2 years full warranty including parts and labour. b. 5 years for compressor excluded labour and gas recharging cost. Only one free replacement within the warranty period.   Are you looking for Midea Air Conditioners? Locate our store Star Venci Sdn Bhd @ Batu Caves for more infomation.

4 features of Go-Daikin Mobile Application

  Ready GO! What is Go Daikin? Go Daikin is IoT(Internet Of Things) Smart Air-Conditioner Remote application in combination with a plug-and-play wireless LAN device and an active internet connection, you can manage the Daikin Room AC (Air-Conditioner) unit from anywhere, offering optimal climate control while saving energy. With the latest Go-Daikin mobile application, users are able to monitor the electricity usage and remote control your aircond within the palm of your hand.                                                         The above is a Go-Daikin mobile app user monitoring its aircond electricity usage using the latest Go-Daikin mobile app Features of Go Daikin Smart Remote Application 1) Go Convenience    With the latest Go Daikin app, you can control your air conditioner unit anywhere with the internet. Step into the age of the industrial revolution, control your air conditioner has never been easy before. Remove the need to manually turning the air conditioner ON and OFF, schedule your A/C units on a weekly basis.   2) Go Save Be a superhero, save the earth with us. With Daikin latest technology, we are now able to monitor closely to our energy consumption. Keep track of your daily energy usage, keep your electrical bills low.   3) Go Comfort Just like your traditional a/c remote, the new mobile application enables you to enjoy different kinds of cooling sensation to counter our unpredictable Malaysia weather. Advance control at the palm of your hand, switch to different modes according to our moods.   4) Go Share Sharing with our loved ones has never been so easy, with the built-in Go Daikin sharing settings, you are now able to share your air conditioner permissions with other family members through simple QR code scanning. Bind or unbind anyone from your air conditioners, you decide!     Compatible Models ( Taken from Purchase the latest Daikin IoT-enabled smart air conditioner from us today, call 0361887988 or click to whatsapp us.

Why are the benefits of Daikin air purifier?

Air conditioners are an essential item for almost every household, and it is most comfortable to hide in an air-conditioned room in the hot summer. Compared with conventional air conditioners, portable air conditioner is one of the most ideal solution for quick setup without any installation. Daikin is a brand manufacturing air conditioners, air purifiers, and other home appliances; it is renowned for its quality and performance. Do you know that they have recently introduced their latest portable air conditioners MCK55UVMM, MC55XVMM, MC40XVMM and MC30YVMM But hey, what so special about Daikin Portable Air Conditioners?   1) Daikin streamer technology :Decompose harmful substances Daikin Air Purifier consist 3 purification systems, powered by the Streamer "streamer energy" technology developed by Japan's Daikin, PM2.5 filter and green tea filter. It has a powerful air purification function, efficiently purifies indoor air, and creates a harmless home and healthy life. Streamer is also an advanced technology exclusively developed by the brand, which can generate high-speed electrons with strong oxidative decomposition power, which not only decompose and remove up to 99.9% of allergens such as bacteria, viruses, molds, mites and pollen, but also remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde and other chemical substances Streamer goes through 3 steps, namely the "Release-Discharge-Decompose process" to absorbs and releases clean, purified air for a healthier and more comfortable home environment. (1) Release high-speed electrons, (2) Discharge electrons combine with oxygen and nitrogen in the air to form 4 decomposing elements such as reactive oxygen species, hydroxyl radicals, reactive nitrogen and oxygen radicals, (3) ) Decomposes harmful substances in the air to provide users with clean air.   2) Electrostatic HEPA filter – Powerful filtration system The utilization of  PM2.5 Air Filter to remove 99.95% of  dust invisible to the naked eye to ensure that the air remains fresh. While air is coming through to the purification system, the green tea filter is infused with catechins  to trap bacteria and viruses, and preventing any mold on the surface of the filter grow. In other words, this filter effectively removes the breeding and propagation of viruses and bacteria in the air, thus providing an excellent antibacterial effect and reducing the harm of viruses and bacteria to the human body.     ​         Comparison of the product line of Daikin's air purifiers  

Introducing Panasonic NanoeX technology, Eliminating odors and deep sterilization is now possible.

There will always be some "nasty" odors in life, especially during hot weather in Malaysia, it's always a pain to remove these odors as it tends to stay on our body for a long duration. These odors will not only affect the cleanliness of our living environment but it also generates negative impacts to our health. As a result, Nanoex is the answer for anyone that encounters this problem. nanoe™ technology is developed based on Panasonic's patented technology. This technology uses the moisture in the air to form small water droplets in the generating part by condensation and condensation, and applies a high voltage to it to split it into a water mist composed of nano-scale charged water particles. Among these water particles, there are Contains a large amount of highly reactive OH radicals. According to Samsung, the innovative NanoeX technology, is able to effectively eliminate the sweat, smoke, sweat, shoes, barbecue, pet odor, etc. that are often encountered in life. Compared with the previous technolgogy the speed of deodorization and sterilization is is said to have increased by nearly 10 times. In fact, nanoe is a new generation of healthy ions creates from water. It contains a lot of 0H free radicals, which can effectively counter problems, such as mold, pollen, odor, bacteria and viruses, allergies and harmful substances in PM2.5 sizes. Nanoe technology not only has the effect of deodorizing, but also can effectively sterilize bacteria. nanoeX can release 4.8 trillion 0H free radicals per second. Today, nanoe technology is also used in Panasonic air purifiers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, refrigerators and other products. Major functions of NanoeX technology: Sterilization nanoe™ diffuses in the air and penetrates into clothing fibers to remove bacteria, and allergens. Panasonic nanoe technology is committed to creating a safe and clean home environment. Deodorate In a room, nanoe™ penetrates into the fibers of carpets, curtains, and cushions. Removes smoke, barbecue and pet odors. When NanoeX is utilized in washing machine, it will eliminate the odor of clothes in the washing machine Nano-sized particles can penetrate deep into the fiber to achieve deodorizing effect. nanoe™ technology can use the moisture in the air to generate nanoe in the washing machine. Moisturizing Although nanoe™ is tiny, it has sufficient water content to penetrate into hair and skin, retain moisture in the skin, and help hair soft and hydrated. A hairdryer with nanoe™ technology is able to replenishes the moisture balance within the hair strands and promotes light reflection. At the same time, Panasonic's hair dryer with nanoe™ (Nanoe) can improve hair dryness and other problems. nanoe™ acts on sebum and skin surface to form a moisturizing protective layer and achieve texture balance.  

Introducing Daikin SMARTO, the solutions for Malaysia's hot weather

      The new Daikin SMARTO R32 Inverter air conditioner is equipped with cutting-edge technology, giving you super-fast cooling, purifying indoor air and intelligent control, so that every Malaysian can stay refreshed indoors Daikin SMARTO is the latest R32 inverter air conditioner developed by Daikin, which advertises three powerful functions. The three functions are: 1. Smart Sense Design for Malaysians who have just returned home from hot afternoon to join chilling sensation at shortest time; 2: Smart clean Purifies indoor air and creates a healthy home; Smarto combines the functions of both an air conditioner and an air purifier to not just cool but clean the air all at once! With Streamer Air Purification Technology, all particles , allergens and odours will be eliminated to deliver a healthy indoor air environment for your loved onces and ensure you stay worry free. 3: Smart Control Control the air conditioner in your home as you preferred. SMARTO is equipped with a temperature sensor that detects the presence of occupants in the room to provide smart airflow control on its own based on user settings and options, the two most important of which are Smart Powerfu!  and Smart Ecomax. Smart Powerful+ provides the most powerful fast cooling function. When the sensor detects that someone has entered the room from outside, it will automatically blow the most powerful air conditioner to the person's location, and it will resume its original operation after 20 minutes. state. Smart Ecomax can help save energy and reduce emissions. According to user requirements, it can automatically adjust the temperature when it detects whether there is someone or no one in the room. For example, the user can set the room temperature to increase by 1 every 20 minutes once there is no one in the room. degrees until 27 degrees. SMARTO also purifies indoor air by utilizing 3-level high-tech filtration system to ensure cool, clean and hygienic air for the home. Featuring the Green tea filter, PM 2.5 filter, Streamer Techology Green tea filter is infused with catechins extracted from green tea, which can effectively capture and eliminate bacteria and viruses in the air. The surface of the filter is also  deodorized at the same time. PM 2 . 5 are airborne microscopic particles that can be inhaled deep into the human lungs and can damage health. The PM 2 . 5 filtration system removes these fine particles, keeping indoor air fresh and clean. Finally, there is streamer technology, which releases high-speed electrons to eliminate and decompose airborne allergens, such as mold, pollen and dangerous chemicals, giving your  family a healthy living environment.   Daikin Smart Wifi Remote Control, Featuring No Distance Limit Smart Control SMARTO Users only need to download and use the "Daikin Mobile Controller App" mobile app to control the Daikin air conditioner at home anytime, anywhere , of course, the air conditioner must be connected to the Internet first. The user can decide whether to purchase or use this function or not. No matter where the user is, they no longer have to worry about whether they forgot to turn off the air conditioner For more details, please call 03-6188 7988 or visit Star Venci Sdn Bhd in Batu Caves for enquiries.

5 features of Daikin's air purifier – MC30YVMM, MC40XVMM, MC55XVMM and MCK55UVMM

Every minute, we breathe 20 times. By analogy, we need to breathe more than 29,000 times a day! However, have you ever thought about how much harmful air you breathe in a day and whether the air quality in your home is the best? Recently, Daikin has introduced Japan's "Streamer" purification technology. In addition to effectively decomposing and killing bacteria and viruses, it can also absorb and release "clean and purified air". New model includes MC30YVMM, MC40XVMM, MC55XVMM and MCK55UVMM has been added to the product line. Get the most out of Daikin's Air Purifier, why you should purchase it?   1) Decompose and kill bacteria and viruses We have heard a lot of air purifiers, filter type, electrostatic dust collection type, but have you heard of streamer energy air purification technology? This is a patented technology by Daikin that's recognized by public institutions in Japan and abroad. First, the streamer discharge is used to generate high-speed electrons. The combination of oxygen and nitrogen in the air becomes a powerful active substance. This substance has a strong oxidizing ability. It can quickly surround all kinds of dust, exhaust, bacteria, mites and other harmful substances, and decompose them through oxidation. The streamer discharge oxidizes and decomposes the proteins on the surface of the virus, making it lose its ability to infect and purify the air. The sterilized air then enters the layer-by-layer filter device, and the final output is clean and moist air that is almost free of germs, dust, formaldehyde and odor. According to Daikin, it's capable of eliminating germs, fungus, allergens, odor and bacteria that is alive. Ensuring that consumers can enjoy coolness and cleaner air.   2) Powerful filtration system ​ The 5-layer filtration system efficiently filters dust, odors and other harmful substances in the air, and purifies the air in the home.   3) Strong air volume and multi-angle suction The unique powerful 3D air outlet design can purify the air in a short time (take 80 square feet as an example, after about 2 minutes of inhaling indoor air, it can be purified in the next 6 minutes). In addition, with the air vents, it can effectively inhale the fine dust accumulated on the floor, so that users can enjoy fresh and clean air at all times. Even though this purifier can cover up to about 500 square feet, it can purify faster if it is used in a smaller area. When you just go home, when guests visit, or when you want to get rid of annoying dust and odors in the room as soon as possible due to factors such as cleaning the room, it is more recommended to use the powerful operation function of super large air volume.   4) Strong air volume and multi-angle suction It can automatically adjust the operation mode according to the level of air pollution, and uses frequency conversion technology to control the rotation speed of the motor, so as to ensure the use of the lowest energy, improve energy efficiency, reduce power consumption, and avoid unnecessary waste of energy   5) Replaceable filter included The purifier also contains 5 pieces of "filters" for replacement, and 1 piece can be used for 1 year, which means that users do not need to purchase this equipment within 5 years. In addition, these 5 "filters" can be stored in the fuselage, so it is convenient and tidy.   Kindly click the link to purchase air purifier at best price. Let's have a closer look of these latest Daikin Air Purifiers,      Comparison of the product line of Daikin's air purifiers   Kindly click the link to purchase air purifier at best price.