Air conditioners are an essential item for almost every household, and it is most comfortable to hide in an air-conditioned room in the hot summer. Compared with conventional air conditioners, portable air conditioner is one of the most ideal solution for quick setup without any installation.

Daikin is a brand manufacturing air conditioners, air purifiers, and other home appliances; it is renowned for its quality and performance. Do you know that they have recently introduced their latest portable air conditioners MCK55UVMM, MC55XVMM, MC40XVMM and MC30YVMM

But hey, what so special about Daikin Portable Air Conditioners?


1) Daikin streamer technology :Decompose harmful substances

Daikin Air Purifier consist 3 purification systems, powered by the Streamer "streamer energy" technology developed by Japan's Daikin, PM2.5 filter and green tea filter. It has a powerful air purification function, efficiently purifies indoor air, and creates a harmless home and healthy life.

Streamer is also an advanced technology exclusively developed by the brand, which can generate high-speed electrons with strong oxidative decomposition power, which not only decompose and remove up to 99.9% of allergens such as bacteria, viruses, molds, mites and pollen, but also remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde and other chemical substances

Streamer goes through 3 steps, namely the "Release-Discharge-Decompose process" to absorbs and releases clean, purified air for a healthier and more comfortable home environment.

(1) Release high-speed electrons,

(2) Discharge electrons combine with oxygen and nitrogen in the air to form 4 decomposing elements such as reactive oxygen species, hydroxyl radicals, reactive nitrogen and oxygen radicals,

(3) ) Decomposes harmful substances in the air to provide users with clean air.


2) Electrostatic HEPA filter – Powerful filtration system

The utilization of  PM2.5 Air Filter to remove 99.95% of  dust invisible to the naked eye to ensure that the air remains fresh.

While air is coming through to the purification system, the green tea filter is infused with catechins  to trap bacteria and viruses, and preventing any mold on the surface of the filter grow.

In other words, this filter effectively removes the breeding and propagation of viruses and bacteria in the air, thus providing an excellent antibacterial effect and reducing the harm of viruses and bacteria to the human body.







Comparison of the product line of Daikin's air purifiers