NON INVERTER

Compressor Technology

These compressors operate at a fixed speed. They turn on and off to maintain the desired temperature in the room.

These compressors adjust their speed based on the cooling or heating needs of the room, running at lower speeds to maintain a consistent temperature rather than cycling on and off.

Energy Efficiency

More energy-efficient because they can adjust the compressor speed to match the cooling or heating demands more precisely. They operate at lower speeds most of the time, reducing energy consumption and lowering electricity bills.

Consume more energy because they operate at a fixed speed, often running at full capacity even when the desired temperature is reached, then turning off completely until the temperature rises again.


Higher upfront costs but can result in lower long-term operating costs due to their energy efficiency.

Usually cheaper to purchase upfront

Lifespan and Maintenance

Longer lifespan and require less maintenance because the compressor operates more smoothly and with fewer starts and stops.

May experience more wear and tear due to the frequent cycling on and off, potentially leading to a shorter lifespan

Temperature Control and Comfort

Might experience temperature fluctuations as they turn on and off to maintain the set temperature. This can lead to less consistent comfort levels.

Provide more consistent comfort levels since they adjust compressor speed continuously, leading to more stable indoor temperatures.


These are the air-conditioner lists in our store that might help you in the selection:- 



1. PANASONIC : CS-XU, CS-XPU, CS-PU (inverter) / CS-PN (non-inverter)

2. DAIKIN : FTKP,FTKP,FTKH (inverter) / FTV-PB (non-inverter)

3. MIDEA  : MSXS, MSEP (inverter) / MSAG (non-inverter)

4. HAIER : HSU-VQA, HSU-VQC, HSU-VXA, HSU-VRA (inverter) / HSU-LPA/LPB (non-inverter)

5. SAMSUNG : AR-BYFAM, AR-BYEAA (inverter) / AR-TGH/BGH (non-inverter)

6. HISENSE : AI-TUGS, Al-KAGS (inverter) / AN-DBG (non-inverter)

7. ACSON : Reino, Reino + (inverter) / Avo (non-inverter)

8. MITSUBISHI : SRK-YXP (inverter) / SRK-CXP (non-inverter)


Overall, while non-inverter air conditioners may be cheaper initially, inverter air conditioners offer energy efficiency and comfort.

Which one is your choice?