Every minute, we breathe 20 times. By analogy, we need to breathe more than 29,000 times a day! However, have you ever thought about how much harmful air you breathe in a day and whether the air quality in your home is the best? Recently, Daikin has introduced Japan's "Streamer" purification technology. In addition to effectively decomposing and killing bacteria and viruses, it can also absorb and release "clean and purified air".

New model includes MC30YVMM, MC40XVMM, MC55XVMM and MCK55UVMM has been added to the product line.

Get the most out of Daikin's Air Purifier, why you should purchase it?

1) Decompose and kill bacteria and viruses

We have heard a lot of air purifiers, filter type, electrostatic dust collection type, but have you heard of streamer energy air purification technology?

This is a patented technology by Daikin that's recognized by public institutions in Japan and abroad.

First, the streamer discharge is used to generate high-speed electrons.

The combination of oxygen and nitrogen in the air becomes a powerful active substance. This substance has a strong oxidizing ability. It can quickly surround all kinds of dust, exhaust, bacteria, mites and other harmful substances, and decompose them through oxidation.

The streamer discharge oxidizes and decomposes the proteins on the surface of the virus, making it lose its ability to infect and purify the air. The sterilized air then enters the layer-by-layer filter device, and the final output is clean and moist air that is almost free of germs, dust, formaldehyde and odor.

According to Daikin, it's capable of eliminating germs, fungus, allergens, odor and bacteria that is alive. Ensuring that consumers can enjoy coolness and cleaner air.


2) Powerful filtration system

The 5-layer filtration system efficiently filters dust, odors and other harmful substances in the air, and purifies the air in the home.

3) Strong air volume and multi-angle suction

The unique powerful 3D air outlet design can purify the air in a short time (take 80 square feet as an example, after about 2 minutes of inhaling indoor air, it can be purified in the next 6 minutes).

In addition, with the air vents, it can effectively inhale the fine dust accumulated on the floor, so that users can enjoy fresh and clean air at all times. Even though this purifier can cover up to about 500 square feet, it can purify faster if it is used in a smaller area.

When you just go home, when guests visit, or when you want to get rid of annoying dust and odors in the room as soon as possible due to factors such as cleaning the room, it is more recommended to use the powerful operation function of super large air volume.

4) Strong air volume and multi-angle suction

It can automatically adjust the operation mode according to the level of air pollution, and uses frequency conversion technology to control the rotation speed of the motor, so as to ensure the use of the lowest energy, improve energy efficiency, reduce power consumption, and avoid unnecessary waste of energy

5) Replaceable filter included

The purifier also contains 5 pieces of "filters" for replacement, and 1 piece can be used for 1 year, which means that users do not need to purchase this equipment within 5 years. In addition, these 5 "filters" can be stored in the fuselage, so it is convenient and tidy.

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