1) Choose an inverter aircond

Inverter is a device implemented in an air conditioner that regulates temperature automatically by manipulating the rotation speed of the compressor.

The design of the inverter is to remove the need to manually turn aircond ON and OFF. If the room temperature has reached 16 Degree Celcius, the inverter aircond will raise the temperaute above 16 degrees to ensure comfortability when we are asleep.

While inverter is proven to save electricity, but the energy-saving attributes of inverter is obvious only after 8 hours.

2) Keep doors and windows closed to prevent cool air from escaping

This is the simplest method that everyone knows but often underlooked. If the room temperature stays warm for a long duration, carefully inspect your windows or door to check if there was a visible crack that allows cool air to escape from the room and seal them off.

3) Regularly clean and service your aircond

Clean your aircond every 6 – 12 months to keep your air conditioner at an optimal level. Chemical wash is a process where aircond technicians will dismantle and soak aircond parts in a chemical solution to remove debris. 

Air Conditioner Cooling Coil

This function of the cooling coil is to extract heat from the air conditioner before exits via aircond blower. Soiling cooling coil reduces the effectiveness of cooling removing heat.

Air Conditioner Filter

The dust that accumulates on the filter can reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner cooling down the room. This is because the air conditioner requires more effort to fitting though the filter as cool air passing by. Hence, translates into electricity bills.

4) Minimize sunlight with tinting

If everything is fine but you still needs to open your air conditioner for a long duration. Chances are your windows are facing West or East and your room is exposed to direct sunlight for at least 8 hours.

Home window tinting can helps cooling down the room as it prevents the formation of Green House effect. Therefore, shorten the time need for air conditioner to cool down the room.