Ready GO! What is Go Daikin?

Go Daikin is IoT(Internet Of Things) Smart Air-Conditioner Remote application in combination with a plug-and-play wireless LAN device and an active internet connection, you can manage the Daikin Room AC (Air-Conditioner) unit from anywhere, offering optimal climate control while saving energy.

With the latest Go-Daikin mobile application, users are able to monitor the electricity usage and remote control your aircond within the palm of your hand.

The above is a Go-Daikin mobile app user monitoring its aircond electricity usage using the latest Go-Daikin mobile app

Features of Go Daikin Smart Remote Application

1) Go Convenience 


With the latest Go Daikin app, you can control your air conditioner unit anywhere with the internet. Step into the age of the industrial revolution, control your air conditioner has never been easy before.

Remove the need to manually turning the air conditioner ON and OFF, schedule your A/C units on a weekly basis.

2) Go Save

Be a superhero, save the earth with us. With Daikin latest technology, we are now able to monitor closely to our energy consumption. Keep track of your daily energy usage, keep your electrical bills low.


3) Go Comfort

Just like your traditional a/c remote, the new mobile application enables you to enjoy different kinds of cooling sensation to counter our unpredictable Malaysia weather.

Advance control at the palm of your hand, switch to different modes according to our moods.


4) Go Share

Sharing with our loved ones has never been so easy, with the built-in Go Daikin sharing settings, you are now able to share your air conditioner permissions with other family members through simple QR code scanning. Bind or unbind anyone from your air conditioners, you decide!


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